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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Double Suction Single Stage Pumps

These pumps are used for general water supply and circulating service and for chemical service when liquids that are non corrosive to iron or bronze are being handled. They are available for capacities for about 5.7 m3/hr (25 gal/min) up to as high as 1.136 x 104 m3/h (50,000 gal/min) and heads up to 304 m (1000 ft). Such units are available in iron, bronze and iron with bronze fittings. Other materials increase the cost, when they are required, a standard chemical are usually more economical.

Closed Coupled Pumps
Pumps equipped with a built in electric motor or sometimes steam turbine driven (i.e. with pump impeller and driver on the same shaft) are known as close coupled pumps. Such units are extremely compact and are suitable for a variety of services for which standard iron and bronze materials are satisfactory. They are available in capacities up to about 450 m3/h (2000 gal/min) for heads up to about 73 m (240 ft). Two stage units in the smaller sizes are available for heads to around 150 m (500 ft).

Caned Motor Pumps
These pumps command considerable attention in the chemical Industry. They are closed couple unit in which the cavity housing the motor-rotor and the pump casing are interconnected. As a result, the motor bearing run in the process liquid and all seals are eliminated. Because the process liquid is the bearing lubricant, abrasive solids cannot be tolerated. Standard single stage canned-motor pumps are available for flows up to 100 m3/h (700 gal/min) and heads up to 76 m (250 ft). Two stage units are available for heads up to 183 m (600 ft). Canned-motor pumps are being widely used for handling organic solvents, heat transfer liquids, and light coils as well as many clean toxic or hazardous liquids or for installations in which leakage is an economic problem.