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Monday, December 8, 2008

Basic of Centrifugal Pump

A centrifugal pump is typically the most common sanitary pump type used in sanitary processes. Benefots include a relatively low purchase cost, wide selection, simple design and easy maintenance.

The various aspects of centrifugal pumps are very important to consider when dealing with flow technology and flow equipment. Understanding the aspects of centrifugal pumps makes it easier to select correct pumps, optimize processes and minimize costs.

Process with centrifugal pump (principle)

On the process itself centrifugal pump can arrange in many type, the example of centrifugal pump arrangement on the process system can see on the picture bellow:

Centrifugal Pump Type

Centrifugal pump design can see the parts assembly as follows:

Centrifugal Pump Design

Examples of centrifugal pumps

  1. A centrifugal pump is used in processes with non-viscous and nonparticulate fluids, e.g. beer, CIP, cream, milk, soft drink and purified water.
  2. There are typically many types of centrifugal pumps available for various types of applications.
  3. The main parts of a centrifugal pump are motor, shaft, adapter, shaft seal, impeller, casing and seals.
  4. A centrifugal pump is typically selected from a pump curve or a pump selection program.