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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Couplings Jaw

The Wrap N Snap (WNS) coupling eliminates the need for dismantling connected equipment while replacing or inspecting the elements because of it’s wrap around rubber connecting element. This eliminates excessive downtime on machinery which dramatically improves productivity.

With modular hub design and a spacer option, and a range of prebored hubs, the wrap N Snap (WNS) coupling is perfect for quick installation, maintenance, and is unsurpassed for quality, and flexibility.

WNS Coupling Features:

The WNS coupling allows inspection and replacing within minutes. Modular hub design allow the same hubs to be used for different models. Hubs are fully machined which guarantees a smooth contact surface, ease of alignment and excellent balance. Hubs come prebored and keyed to standard IEC motor shaft sizes. Spacer couplings are available for pump applications. Water, dust, oil and greases do not affect performance.


  • Service Factor
    Determine appropriate Service Factor from the table.
  • Design Power
    Multiply running power of driven machinery by the service factor. This gives Design Power which is used as a basis for coupling selection.
  • Coupling Size
    Refer to respective table for your required coupling type and read from the appropriate speed column until a power equal to a greater than the Design Power is found.
  • Bore Size
    Refer respective coupling dimensional table to check that the required bores can be accommodated.