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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Centrifugal Pump

The centrifugal pump is the type most widely used in the chemical industry for transferring liquids of all types, raw material, material in manufacture, and finished product, as well as for general services of water supply, boiler feed, condenser circulation, condenser return, etc. This pump are available through fast range of sizes in capacities from 0.5 m3/hour to 20,000 m3/hr (2 gal/min to 100,000 gal/min) and for discharge head (pressure) from a few meters to approximately 48 MPa. The size and type best suited to particular applications can be determined only by an engineering study of the problem.

The primary advantages of a centrifugal pump are simplicity, low first cost, uniform (nonpulsating) flow, small flow space, low maintenance expense, quite operation, and adaptability for use with a motor or turbine drive.

Centrifugal pump in a simplest form, consists of an impeller rotating within a casing. The impeller consists of a number of blades, either open or shrouded, mounted on a shaft that projects outside the casing. Its axis of rotation may be either horizontal or vertical, to suit the work to be done. Closed-type, or shrouded, impellers are generally the most efficient. Open or semi open type impellers are used for viscose liquids or liquids containing solid materials and on many small pumps for general service. Impeller may be of the single suction or double suction type, single if the liquid enter from one side, double if it enter from both side.