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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pump Selection

When selecting pumps for any service, it is necessary to know the liquid to be handled, the total dynamic head, the suction and discharge heads, and in most cases, the temperature, viscosity, vapor pressure, and specific gravity. In the chemical industry the task of pump selection in frequently further complicated by the presence of solids in the liquid and liquid corrosion characteristics requiring special materials of construction. Solid may accelerate, or require delicate handling to prevent undesirable degradation.

To manage on selection should intense to this main point:
  1. Range of Operation
  2. Pump material of Construction
  3. Pressure of Liquid or Solids
  4. Pump Cost
Range of Operation will determine pump head from the required capacity must be operated. This value usually gets from table that correlates the capacity and the head pump should be choose.

Pump Materials of Construction; in the chemical industry, the selection of pump materials of construction is dictated by considerations of corrosion, erosion, personnel safety, and liquid contamination. The experience of pump manufactures of often valuable is selecting materials.

Presence of Solid, when pump is required to pump a liquid containing suspended solid, there are unique requirements which must be considered. If the liquid to pump is not contain solid materials, the selection is just considering capacity and the type of solid to be pumped, that will determine the pump material should be used.

Pump cost is vary from pump supplier, so the choice in have to be accommodated by the budget of your company to chosen the certain pump brand. Usually the price of certain pump type is not too far from many brands.