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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Application of Vertical Wet-Pit Pump

Like all pumps, the vertical wet-pit pump has advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage is that installation does not require a separate dry pit to collect the pumped liquid. If the impeller (first-stage impeller in multistage pumps) is submerged, no priming problem exists and the pump can be automatically controlled without fear of its ever running dry. Moreover, the available NSPH is greater (except in closed tanks) and often permit in higher rotative speed for the same service conditions. A second advantage is that the motor or driver can be located at any desired height above fixed level.


It has the following mechanical disadvantages:

  1. the possibility of freezing whom idle
  2. similar installation
  3. the inconvenient of lifting out and dismantling of inspection and repair, no matter how small
  4. the pump bearing have a relative short life unless the water and bearing design are ideal.


In the summary the vertical wet-pit pump is the best pump available for some applications. Its not ideal be the most economical for certain installations, a poor for some, and the least desirable for still others,