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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Motor For Hazardous Areas

Motor used within a hazardous location require a higher level of protection against the risk of harmful occurrences. PPA motors are available in the three most common high protection configurations. Exe, ExnA (formally Exn) and ExtD (formally DIP), all supplied with a protection rating of IP66. Most PPA hazardous area motor versions are available in frame sized 80 to 400. Combination of protection such as Exe and ExtD, or ExnA and ExtD, are also available.

International and Australian Standards

AS/NZS2381.1 specifies general requirement for the selection of electrical equipment and its installation and maintenance, to ensure safe use in areas where handled, stored or otherwise used, and which are therefore potentially hazardous.

The term flammable material includes gases, vapors, liquids, mist, solids and dusts, but does not include those materials which are specifically manufactured as explosives or materials which are inherently explosive.

The requirements of the listed standards apply only to the use of electrical equipment under normal or near normal atmospheric conditions. The requirements specified for hazardous location electrical equipment are supplementary to and not alternative to any requirements which would apply to equipment and installations in non hazardous areas.