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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vertical Pump

Vertical shaft pump fall into two classifications: dry-pit and wet-pit. Dry pit pumps are surrounded by air, the wet-pit types are either fully or partially submerged in the liquid handled.

Vertical Dry-pit Pumps

Dry pit pumps with external bearings include most small, medium, and large vertical pumps, most medium and drainage and irrigation pumps for medium and high heads, many large condenser circulating and water supply pumps, and many marine pumps. Sometimes the vertical pumps is preferred (especially for marine pumps) because it saves floor space. At other time it is desirable to mount a pump at a low elevation because of suction conditions, and it is also preferable or necessary to have the pump driver at a high elevation. The vertical pump is normally used for large capacity applications because it is more economical than the horizontal type, all factor considered.

Many vertical dry-pit pumps are basically designs with minor modifications (usually in the bearings) to adapt them for vertical shaft drive. This is not true of small and medium sized sewage pumps, however. In this units, purely vertical design in the most popular. Most of these sewage pumps have elbow suction nozzle because of their suction supply is usually taken from a wet well adjacent to the pit in which the pump is installed. The suction elbow usually contains a handhole with a removable cover to provide easy access to the impeller.

The dismantle one of these pumps, the stuffing box head must be unbolted from the casing after the intermediate shaft or the motor and motor stand have been removed. The motor assembly is drawn out upward, complete with the stuffing box head, the bearing housing and the like. This rotor assembly then be completely dismantled at a convention location.