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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Small Pump Type

Small pump type can use in the garden or use in fishpond. In the garden can connected to sprinkle that spray water and turn automatically around the garden plant. Small pump in fishpond to make a water circulate along time and can through the water filter first before water flow back to the fishpond. To select the right type of this pump should identify the needed of this pump first.

There are several major mistake on selecting pump, and this mistake make the price of pump become expensive because they should change the pump with the other type. The main point on selecting small pump you should know the design needed of your flow of pump. After you know what is your needed like the flow of your pump you then notice to the pump specification before you choose to buy.

Many of the shelf pump have misleading performance labels. Often pump package will be labelled with something similar to 20 GPM, 55 PSI or it may say 20 GPM, 127 feet of lift. What mean by 20 GPM or 55 PSI? This is critical to know it. There is a huge difference in performance between a pump that produces 20 GPM at 55 PSI, and a pump that produces 20 GPM or 55 PSI. You should ask this label exactly to the pump vendor and ask the guarantee of this labeling.

For buying pump for your garden, you may search pump with name of "high pressure pump," because very few pumps marketed under the name like "irrigation pump" that are suitable for a typical sprinkler irrigation system with multiple sprinkler.To choose this pump don't confused with displacement pumps that are used for moving very thick liquids, creating very precise flow volumes or creating very high pressures. Displacement pump force the water to move by displacement, this means pumps such as piston pumps, diaphragm pumps, roller tubes and rotary pumps.