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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sludge and Dewatering Pump

Sludge Pumps
Sludge pumps are designed for professional use in tough applications like mines, construction sites, funnel sites and other demanding industries.

Sludge Pump
Sludge pumps designed for:

  • Pumping water with solids handling capacity up to the size of 3.2” (80 mm)
  • Pumping water which contains abrasive particles
  • Pumping different types of mud and sludge
  • Pumping light slurry

The pumps are designed for continuous, unattended operation. The pump should be proven their reliability and dependable performance in demanding areas like building and construction, mining, tunneling, quarries, general industries, car washes and rental applications.

Small dewatering and sludge pumps.
These small dewatering and sludge pumps are small, easy to carry, yet still intended for professional use. They are frequently used in construction and rental applications, flood relief in basements and other applications that require lightweight pumps. The sludge pump solid has set a new standard for lightweight sludge pumps and is appreciated all over the world. It can pump solids in suspension up to the size of 1.5” (38 mm). If the area where the pump will be applied have corrosive environment you can use stainless type materials. Usually this type of pump use in mines, construction sites, landfill sites and other applications that deal with corrosive water. One application is in mines where the water becomes caustic and destroy conventional pumps in a matter of days. The pump may also be used in applications where saltwater is pumped, like ship yards, fish farms, construction works in harbors and offshore projects.

Dewatering Pump