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Friday, March 29, 2013

Water Pump For Fish

You can change your simple and dull fish pond with Multi-Functional Aquarium Pump to add more features to the pond without the hassle of re-building. Designed to create circulation of the water, the versatile can produce spectacular features in your pond such as waterfall or streams. Made of stainless steel and plastic, the pump is anti-corrosive and acid resisting.

It is also fully submersible which will sit at the bottom of your pond quietly with low energy consumption while delivering the outstanding performance. For the use of both fresh and salt water, Multi-Functional Aquarium Pump has an added feature of automatically switching off when the machine is overheat.

World-renowned aquarium pump boasts exceptional quality and reliable performance. Epoxy filled, hermetically sealed, low energy consumption motors result in silent, efficient operation while surpassing the highest safety standards. Features removable integrated pre-filter for convenient installation. Run internally or externally in fresh or saltwater.