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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Domestic Pumps

Many kind of Domestic pump you can use in your house, it's depend on the purpose of your pump will use. The kind of domestic pump you may choose as on the below lists:

  • Agriculture Pump, the feature of agriculture pumps as the pump bearings are water lubricated, wet type submersible motor, water cooled and water lubricated applications of agriculture and domestic pump.
  • Lubi Pump, this company sell many kind of domestic pump brands such as Cri, Suguna, Best, Texmo, Johnson, Kirloskar, Grundfos and AEC. The range offer encompasses self priming & non-self priming monoblock pumps, jet pumps.
  • Horisontal Pump, horizontal pumps have spect: head about 5 to 40 meters, capacity range 3420 - 600 liter per hour, Power Rating: 0.37 kW and 0.75 kW (0.50 HP and 1.0 HP). Material of construction Standar Supply Impeller: Stainless Steel Casing, Cast Iron Motor Body, Cast Iron Shaft, carbon steel.
  • Centrifugal Domestic Pump: Silent features of centrifugal pump, efficient performance in low voltage, impeller well balance and rust proof coating for longer life, norry impeller used for better performance, efficiency and duty point consistency mainteined with a leading brands.
  • Pressure Booster Domestic Pump, an equipment to achieve the right water resource, maintaining the plant constantly under pressure and restricting the electrical pump's starting time and numbers. The automatic pressure systems are designed to automatically start and stop the pump on opening and closing of taps Pressure Booster Domestic Pump.
  • Domestic Submersible Pump, High grade domestic submersible pump, are widely appreciate for their comprehensive functionality. This domestic submersible pump are precise designed by higly experience team of engineer using advance technology system.