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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Choose the Right Valve

There are many kind of valve in the market, ball valve, globe valve, gate valvediaphragm valve or check valve. All those valve have special uses or better for certain uses and sometime can't use for other purposes like check valves, because check valve just can be used for one direction. Check valves usually use in the bottom of suction pipe on the pump to prevent water or liquid flow back or to prevent the liquid empty on the bottom so the pump can cavitation, however, check valve also use in the front of the water meter that supplied from water pump industry to prevent the meter goes back.

Ball Valves use in the first opening of the liquid (water or air) and this valve should be full opened or full closed. To regulate the flow need other kind of valves, we can use globe valve, gate valve or diaphragm valve. Use Gate valve if the flow of the liquid need not to accurate enough, but we should use globe valve if the flow should be accurate. Diaphragm valve use when the liquid contain many suspended solid, like water with too many mud flows or other kinds of chemical that contain of mud. Especially on the chemical control, diaphragm valve should use suitable material that pretend on the chemicals.