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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sulzer Pump and Armstrong Pump

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The pump manufactures that many used in industry like Sulzer pump and Armstrong pump.

Glimpse story about Sulzer Pump:
Sulzer Pumps is one of the world's leading pump manufacturers, recognized for excellent product quality, performance reliability and technical innovation. We provide a full line of pumps, equipment and related technologies to the Oil and Gas, Hydrocarbon Processing, Power Generation and Pulp and Paper industries.
With our global network of 13 product orientated factories and service centers and sales offices in more than 150 countries, we are a truly global company, close to customers acting locally through our regional teams with local market understanding and expertise.

Glimpse Story about Armstrong Pump:
At Armstrong, we take pride in a family tradition of fluid flow innovation, superb workmanship, and acknowledged product reliability.

Since our founding in 1934 by Samuel Allan Armstrong, our company has pioneered an uncompromising range of products for customers in residential, commercial and industrial markets. From the very beginning, the Armstrong name has been a benchmark for quality in design, engineering and manufacturing.

In 1952, our company, under the direction of James A.C. Armstrong, began to institute bold initiatives across the the entire spectrum of our corporate activities that set our course for the next30 years. In the decades that followed, we developed new technologies, established international manufacturing operations and expanded into more diverse markets. Today, as we serve customers throughout the world, our original commitment to production of the highest quality is unchanged. We will not compromise the expectation of us, and we will never allow an inferior product to carry the Armstrong name. For Armstrong, identifying customer needs, offering superior technology, and building great customer experiences, are all part of a long-standing family tradition.

Armstrong Pump